What Do You Need To Do Gel Manicures At Home?

Gel manicures are popular for long-lasting, perfect nails that don’t chip or fade. Doing a gel manicure at home can save time and money compared to visiting a salon. It also gives people the convenience of creating a professional-looking manicure in the comfort of their own homes. Plus, with various colors and designs available, it’s easy to get creative and find the perfect look for any occasion.

So, what tools do I need to do a gel manicure at home?

The materials you’ll need for doing a gel manicure at home are fairly simple but essential.

You’ll need a UV or LED lamp to cure the gels, cotton pads, and nail polish remover for prepping your nails and lint-free wipes. Besides, you will need basic manicure supplies like nail clippers and cuticle pushers, a buffer to shape the nails, and remove the shine from natural nails before applying the base coat.

You will also need a gel top, base coats, and color gels of your choice. Make sure to select products specifically labeled as “gel” to ensure that they are compatible with your curing lamp.

gel nail polish

Why do I need a base and top coat for a gel manicure?

Without these two components, your gel manicure will not last as long.

The base coat helps protect your nails from staining or damage while also making sure that the color you choose adheres properly to each nail. Additionally, it strengthens the nails underneath, allowing them to better hold up against wear and tear without chipping or cracking. Besides, it also acts as a barrier between your skin and any harsh chemicals in the polish itself.

The top coat is equally important for achieving a lasting manicure with vibrant colors that stay on longer than regular polish. It helps seal in color, ensuring it doesn’t wear off too quickly. Additionally, it helps protect your nails from chips and dents. The top coat also adds a glossy shine, giving your nails a professional look.

LED lamps

What lamp is better for a gel manicure at home: UV or LED?

LED lamps are the preferred choice for at-home manicures when it comes to curing gel nail polish.

LED lamps emit light in specific wavelengths that cure UV and LED gels quickly and evenly. It saves you time because the nails will be cured faster than with a UV lamp. Additionally, LED lamps require less energy to run, making them more economical than UV lamps.

LED lamps also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you more options when selecting one for at-home manicures. In addition, the bulbs inside these lamps last longer than those found in UV lamps, so there’s no need to replace them as often.